Mission Statement

The National Council of Synagogues is a partnership of the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements in Judaism dealing with interreligious affairs on a national level.

The National Council of Synagogues believes that religious bodies need to talk to one another, dialogue with each other, and share ideas, insights and values if religions are to play a role in building a better society and a blessed new world. People who do not speak to one another do unspeakable things to one another. Moreover, there is considerable ignorance and misunderstanding between the faith groups – the result of centuries of inability or unwillingness to talk to one another and learn from one another. Consequently, the program of the National Council of Synagogues includes:

  • Consultations and meetings with clergy, theologians, and lay leaders of different faith groups including Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and others;
  • Retreats with colleagues of other faiths in order to study relevant texts,learn from one another, share concerns, open up dialogue and forge new friendships based on trust;
  • Publication of books, papers, speeches, essays and articles in appropriate journals and in volumes for the enlightenment and education of clergy and laity.

We believe that if there is to be peace in this world, there must first be peace between the various world religions. We are pledged to do our part to dispel misconceptions, misunderstandings and mistrust and build instead bridges of respect, honor, and faithfulness between the various faith groups.